Agency is helping to screen the new market area for the brand owner. Given the brand’s strategy, vision, and the findings from the market research, the agent can prepare a go-to market plan for the new market area, or advice the opposite.  Agency is representing the brand on the local markets on behalf of the brand owner. 

Brand presentation

To present the brand in the most attractive way, be the ambassador of the brand, tell the brand story in the local language and translate the clients questions or requests for the brand. 



To find the sales channels suitable for the brand, its vision and strategy. Organize sales activities, create new business opportunities and secure the brand's growth in the market area.


Agency can organize for the brand a localized promotion following the brand’s global marketing plan.  By doing this hte purpose is to increase the local visibility and good image of the brand.



Own store is a great way to showcase the brand and products to the consumers.  For the right look&feel the local knowledge is important. Agency can carry out the project from the store place search, staffing, till the opening of the store or a pop-up.