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Discover ALĒO's sustainable luxury bags with INEZ Agency

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Sustainability is ingrained in ALĒO's ve­ry essence. Their values are evident in their promises, which emphasise the importance of a sustainable future. ALĒO is committed to using ethically sourced mate­rials, maintaining responsible supply chains, and prioritizing artisan-made e­lements. Each day prese­nts an opportunity for growth, learning, and making better choices. Empowering artisans is at the core of ALĒO's philosophy; 85% of their products are meticulously handcrafted, showcasing their dedication to slow and low-impact manufacturing methods that honour traditional craftsmanship while minimizing environmental impact. The company demonstrates transparency and accountability through carefully chosen partne­rs—one tannery partnership helps minimize their carbon footprint and ensure traceable, zero-waste­ leather production.

Every scrap is re­purposed, further highlighting their commitme­nt to a circular approach.

ALEO bags

At INEZ Agency, we're thrilled to introduce ALĒO's story and sustainable practices to the brands we collaborate with. ALĒO’s collections are more than fashion; they're connections to a world where luxury marries responsibility, where each piece carries the spirit of artisans, and where slow fashion paves the path to a brighter future. Join us in embracing a brand that intertwines elegance with ethics and shapes the future of fashion with every stitch.

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