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IVANA HELSINKI on licencing

Updated: Jan 12

Ivana Helsinki is bigger than a fashion brand for the "Love story lovers, Road trips and Dresses" nomads.

Designer Paola Suhonen has been successfully managing her brand to collaborate with many of the forefront well-known brands from fashion to lifestyle brands, and hospitality such as Uniqlo, Coca-Cola, Artek, Aimée Wilder, Anthropology, TopShop, Volvo, and many others.

Ivana Helsinki and Paola Suhonen have new exciting collaborations under process. More news about these collaborations will follow later.

Within the Benelux market, you can contact Inez Agency for possible collaboration projects.

So if your brand needs a new refreshed image or a small capsule with a distinctive look, please feel free to contact us. Contact details: Inez Agency +31 6 2166 2182


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