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Why Choose INEZ Consulting & Agency?

At INEZ Consulting & Agency we are looking at the problem outside the box from several angles to find the optimal solution to your company, products and services.


INEZ Consulting & Agency is specialized in Fashion and Interior branches with years of experience in retail, wholesale, and online business. The focus points are product lifecycle, supply chain, operations, and merchandising management, and agency.

In each of these business areas, we can help you create a strategic plan and implement it into tactic actions. In each of these business areas, we can help you create a strategic plan and implement it into tactical operations.


At this moment, both fashion and interior industries are in an interesting position where outside forces change the game rapidly. Such as regulations to reduce the CO2 footprint, circular development, and sustainable materials. Also, fast-changing trends, shorter product cycles, and consumer behavior change are all forming the business and the ways companies must organize their core processes. For example, production and sales. Each of the processes has a different weigh point in your product’s or service’s lifecycle phase at the specific market area that you are in.


On the other hand, one could ask what’s now different from before? The business rolls onward, the world develops, and the direction and ways of working need to be adjusted to the surrounding world. However, this is quite a challenge when the new news is emerging faster, and the impact can be there already tomorrow!


INEZ Consulting will help you to get your company ready for the coming challenges by finding the optimal solutions fitting to your company, products, and services.


INEZ Agency can help you to create your new business in the new market area.